DRY polishing accessories

Surface preperation


Blastrac resin-bond diamond tools (DRY) are designed to be fitted on every BLASTRAC 3-headed planetary grinders BMG-435WD, BMG-535Pro, BMG-580Pro, BMG-735Pro, BMG-780Pro, as well as on similar equipment from other suppliers. Blastrac resin-bond tools are many times used after the use of metal-bond diamond tools for floor polishing. However, in some cases a resin-bond diamond tool can be used as a starting tool on smooth flat floors. To get the best result, you always have to make several polishing steps.

* BLASTRAC resin-bond tools are suitable for fitting on the revolutionary and patented DIAMAG quick release system. Biggest benefit from the DIAMAG system is that users do not need any tools (like hammer / screws / etc) to insert or remove the resin-bond tools from the adapter plates.

* Every resin-bond tool has got 3 big segments with a high concentration of diamond inside and a specific design for an optimized grinding / polishing efficiency.

* Blastrac resin-bond tools are delivered by sets of 9 pieces: 3 tools for each one of the 3 planetary heads. * DRY Blastrac resin-bond tools are especially designed for concrete and all cement bounded materials (like cement bounded terrazzo) floor applications.